Deal check/help S60 courtesy loan

Hey guys, how does this deal look on s60 t5 courtesy car with ~ 4000 miles? 400 a month with 1000 DAS

( including 1st month payment).
Also is there anything different about leasing a courtesy car or any concerns I should have?
Thanks for the help! love the forum

It is a used car with 4,630 miles, so check for any damage and wear & tear. Other than that you are covered on 10k miles/year. You can also put extra $50 down to bring the payment under $400 and do 4 MSDs, but the MF is low as is.
I didn’t look at the all numbers.

Tag your actual location instead of USA.

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is 400 a good price for a loaner?

Am I reading this right? Nearly $10k off pre-incentive? You need to jump on that, frankly.

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Ok i thought so, also on edmunds they said there is 4250 lease bonus but they only gave me a 1000 rebate, is the 4250 applicable to loaners?

Volvo lease bonuses are direct to dealer incentives. It’s been rolled into your selling price.

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Beats me. Could certainly be part of the discount. I think volvo lease cash is usually a dealer incentive.

Still, even with that, I think 12.5% dealer discount before $4250 and $1k incentives is darned good right now.

ok thanks for the help guys, I would really prefer an awd one but I think this might be the best deal I can get so might have to sacrifice awd.

Like @Qbrozen said - 12.5% off is probably a good discount on a loaner in this market. Not sure what $1,000 rebate is. Loyalty?

I don’t have loyalty, they didn’t specify what the rebate is

any relation to @volvo1 ??

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Obviously. Just like Polestar 1 and 2.

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I say if you like the car, do it. Really not bad for a $43.5k S60, especially in this market.

Just know that you will be married to that thing for 3yrs. No selling, transfers or even selling back to dealer. No nada. Keep that in mind.

Can always buy it out and then sell it to whomever.

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Conquest is $1000

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I knew there was something that you knew lol

does volvo conquest work if its in the same household but not my name?

Yes - also, I probably have a better deal delivered, post broker fee if interested.

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Can you pm me the details? do you have an awd one?

Are we just going to keep adding numbers after “Volvo?”

However, a demo S60 is kind of my jam :laughing:

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