Deal Check / Help - 2021 Audi A6 45 PP

Hello All,

Would love some input on how I could try to negotiate this lower. I was pretty surprised that the first offer they came with was fairly good.

2021 Audi A6 45 PP - 36 Months
MSRP : $61,125
Selling Price : $54,402 (11% discount)
Rebates : $6250 (Includes Costco)
Sales Tax (6% on Full Price because I’m in MD) : $3,294
Doc/Title/Other Fee’s : $850
Miles : 12,000
Residual : 50%
MF : .00045

Cash Due at Signing : $650
Monthly Payment : $667

So I’m thinking I can negotiate on the MF (according to Edmunds it is .00005) which is around $35/m.
Ideally I’d like to get this to under $600 if possible.

Any suggestions on best way to negotiate this?

If your target deal is $600/mo with $600 DAS, then when you counter do not even mention the MF. Just say you will sign today if they can do $600/mo with $600 DAS. Let the dealer figure out how to make things work.


I would reach out to He’s the man when it comes to Audi. For what it’s worth, it may pay to get a Costco membership just to take advantage of the extra incentives, as well. You can always cancel it a month or two down the road.

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The current batch of costco incentives require you to have been a member as of march 1

I’d be at $681/mo with $681 DAS so that’s a very good deal. Looks like they bumped the MF for some reason but 11% off the top is very good.

You won’t be under $600. That’s an extra $2k discount you’re talking about.

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Appreciate the response and advice. I think I’ll try and see if we can adjust the MF back down to lower price a bit more and go from there.

Also, I do have Costco for those asking.

Yeah, see if they can either do base mf or lower the selling price to compensate. Make it clear you’re ready to close

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