Deal check / help - 2020 Mercedes GLB

Hello expert community,

This would be our first lease and I’m more excited at the prospect of dealer negotiations than the car (well, the car’s for my better half so…)

here’s one of the quotes we’re currently reviewing and would love specific suggestions or pointers.

plugging the numbers from dealer worksheet into LH calc provides wildly disparate results so I’ve asked for additional breakdown (should have it within the hour).
my guess is they are playing around with the MF.

Three areas of help I’m looking for from this great community

  1. in the calc, where do I plug in the $1510 for 3yr maintenance

  2. purely based on the worksheet, what info/breakdown should I ask of them?

  3. I’m ok with putting down 10 MSD’s but is it best practice to do zero drive-off’s?


Screen Shot 2020-03-10 at 3.51.19 PM|690x409

  1. Add it to the MSRP and sales price.
  2. You should get the MF/RV from Edmunds and need to verify want MF the dealer is giving you.
  3. Some people like to pay the drive-offs upfront, but I prefer $0 DAS except max MSDs.

and here’s the full breakdown

MF and rv from edmunds = .00119 and 60%

So the dealer isn’t marking up the MF. We’re there any incentives? Only way I see you improving this deal is a bigger dealer discount.

Contact @oarfish18, she does MB deals in NorCal.

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I would also check if the $1510 is really worth $1510 through 3 years of required maintenance. Looks way too high.

MF on the sheet shows 0.00049 lower than 0.00119? maybe a mistake
No down payment.
Look the calcs I did for you, you should aim for 12% off MSRP. Dont think maintenance is necessary.
no tax included you will have to add it yourself.

You are looking at $405 (pre tax) per month with 10 MSDs

The .00049 is after the MSDs.

Got it.
Lease calcs actually say $5000 MSDs vs $5500 on the sheet. What do you think @Jon?


Please follow up on the outcome of this. My wife is interested in the GLB as well. Good luck!

Did Edmunds mention if there are any incentives? Do you qualify for fleet?

I guess $475/mo isn’t so bad for a car that was introduced so recently and is presumably highly optioned, but doesn’t your monthly wander close to GLC/X3 loaner territory?

Agree w/ trying to negotiate the “MSRP” of the pre-paid maintenance.

i qualify for fleet rebate of $500, no other incentives.

we like the overall dimensions of GLB and would want to stick with this size.

Hey I can beat that GLB deal. I just pm’d you the info. Shoot me a text if you have any questions 818.900.2565

@beartrap text me as well and I can send you the deal details

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They marked up PPM by $400. Get it down to the actual cost ($1110) and you’ll be getting just over 11% discount, not bad for a new GLB.

It’ll be residualized so you’ll only pay 40% which is a great price for 3yr maintenance.

Here’s what your deal currently looks like.

I can beat the deal in SoCal.

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What can you do? If you can beat it, I’m definatley in.

I pointed out their mistake about using the correct $$ for 3-yr maintenance. they were using the 4-yr maintenance figure.
new updated quote sheet attached.

I’m actually surprised that the numbers arent completely crazy for this given it’s brand new and the segment is super hot. I’ve got a soft spot for the chunky GLK style design so it’s good to know these are actually leaseable!

yeah, wait till you see the new figures…have a few things cooking.
stay tuned.

since this will be my first lease, do I need to take steps to protect against excessive wear and tear?
I have full confidence in my wife’s driving that the car will definitely have scratches all around (minor)…what is acceptable during lease return and what’s not?
what can and should I do to protect myself from an unusually large ‘fix-it’ bill?