Deal Check for Newbie - 2019 Acura TLX Lease

June 2019. Saw an Acura lease promo on the manufacturer’s website of TLX for $299 / 36mo 10k/yr with $2499 down.

Got a quote on a TLX SH-AWD A6 with Tech:

MSRP: 43,095
ACQ FEE: 595
NET CAP COST: 34,027

Seems very high to me. I don’t want the service contract. I’m also going to have to hide negative equity from my current vehicle in it that I need to get out of, so I need to get the payment as low as possible to roll this in.

What are your expert opinions? It feels like I can get a much better deal elsewhere based on what appears to be a high MF and low Residual. Thanks!

How are you going to hide it?

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Hide it under the rug.

He is going to roll in the neg equity into a new payment.

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This. Trying to use the rebates and incentives to roll into the lease PMT. Still considering financing a different vehicle at a near 0%.

We need the mf and incentives. Residual is bad so you’re going to need base mf and a larger discount. I thought these had large incentives at the moment?

Thanks, yes I also thought these had large incentives. I’m going to try a couple of other dealers. I think they’re trying to play me as a sucker. Will report back.

Check autobytel or other similar sites which will tell you. It might be trunk money which won’t show anywhere but means they can give you a larger discount ( if they play ball).

Working on Leasing 19 TLX A SPEC V6 MSRP $ 43,795

Dealers are of course acting as if my numbers are way off…please help me validate…

$43,795 MSRP Down to $38,100 (Using Edmunds True Market Value) - $8950 = $29,150

@ 36/12 - 51% residual, .00215 MF, 9% Tax for PA = $0 Down $327/Month

What am I missing?


I’m not an expert, but that looks like a great deal to me.

I’m also not getting the sense that Acura Dealers are ready to fire sale, yet. The one by me has almost a hundred 2019s in the lot. They’re going to start getting desperate soon. Hopefully, you can find one in your area.

You should post a link to the calculator…here’s what I think it should look like based on your numbers. You’ll want to adjust the dealer fees and government fees according to your dealer and state fees.

The high MF is hurting the deal…did you confirm the residual, MF, and incentives on the edmunds forum?

That true car price you are using likely already includes incentives. So you’re double counting.

I’m wondering about a similar lease and have started contacting dealerships. The $8950 in incentives is compelling. I hope that’s in my region, too (Michigan).

It feels like the Edmunds true value can’t possibly include the incentives, if the incentives are almost $9k. The math simply doesn’t work out.

Anyway, that @Mdis2740 post has me hopeful. Will start a new thread if any dealer gives me anything worth considering.