Deal Check for New 2021 BMW M550i

Downtown Chicago, IL

2021 Brand New BMW M550i Black on Black

MSRP: $82,535.00
Money Factor: 0.00040
Residual: 59%
36 Months Lease 10,000 miles/year

Traditional Lease: $1,096.75 / Month with $1,817.75 payment out the door
(Already includes 3 oil changes) and they are going to write me a check of $652 for the last month payment of my Audi Lease

Balloon Purchase: $1,229.06 / Month with $0 payment out the door

Reason why they ran numbers for both lease and balloon is because I live in Chicago, and I pay taxes twice for traditional lease. But it appears that the traditional lease number came out “better” compared to Balloon Purchase

I think the MF is like the lowest I’ve ever seen so far, but I still think there’s room for improvement in terms of monthly payment.

I would like to ideally get it down to as low as $800-$900 per month with $1,500 out the door payment.
Do you guys think I’m being realistic or am I smoking something?

Also, given that I live in Chicago with bad weather, do you think it’s worth it to purchase the tire & wheel insurance?

Thanks guys in advance

No way that MF is correct. What is the sales price? There’s no way the dealer is going to give you another $10k+ discount to get to your desired numbers.

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Maybe a different region but there are deals posted by brokers in the marketplace for much less.

Yea, BMW’s buy rate MF is .00099. Something is off if they’re quoting you .00040.

Standard advice: get all the numbers from the dealer then come back (MF, pre-incentive discount, incentives, fees, etc.). It’s next to impossible to provide any meaningful advice with these details left out.

Does Owners Choice use the same MF? Its either that or a third party bank.

Given the choice between a pre lci m5 and a post lci m550, you already know where I’m going with this…

I think it boils down to whether you are willing to pay $1000-$1100 for a new m550 and if you are then you should seriously test drive a used m5 and see what suits you better.

As much as LH hates it Tire&wheel is a must for low profiles + city driving, these super sport sedan rims aren’t cheap.

The Balloon Purchase had 2.99% APR written on it

Can you please provide me with a link or website where I can find those deals?

I believe the sales price was around $78,000
They had it all written on the paper, but they won’t let me take it with me or take a picture of it
Salesman said he will get in trouble if I do

Spend some time searching through the Marketplace section here. There are a number of BMW broker listings, many with spreadhseets that list models, discounts, incentives, etc. Getting a good deal takes time and effort; If you don’t want to put in the time then hire a broker.

Most brokers can order you a brand new M550 at 10-11% discount pre-incemtive, base MF. Your deal above looks to be somewhere around 0-5% pre-incentive, impossible to tell since we don’t have the numbers.

Heck, over in the Lease Transfer section someone jyst posted a 2020 M550 for $740/mo pre-tax.


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I have 2019 M5 with 122k MSRP, 36/12k lease for $1,040/month (pre-tax) that I am transferring.
Let me know if you are interested.

balloon rate is 1.9% for 60 months not 2.9% so they may be marking this up. 1% is huge on a 60 month btw!

I have a slot left at 9% before rebates with a .00099 MF or 1.9% APR assuming tier 1

I can’t make sense of these numbers, but Chicago dealers are notorious for giving terrible deals.

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