DEAL CHECK FOR AUDI Q8 2020 P+ with costco discount

can some body please tell me how the broke down my 10 % off

Be sure to specify your location when asking for input on a deal!

I have no idea what you’re asking. Can you try rephrasing? Looks like this has already been signed so it’s too late to evaluate whether to pull the trigger.

I’m guessing he’s asking how the 10% off Costco incentive is applied here.

What is the MSRP on the vehicle?

Ah, I see. Perhaps it was given as dealer discount. Looks like the dealer made off with some serious dough on this one unless the $6,500 was a trade-in (but even then…)

i signed it but the deal didnt go trough with audi the msrp was originally 78000 i have to resign it next week

where does this look like im getting a bad deal ?

thanks what im trying to say is could i get them to take the 10% off the MSRP?

Well, the selling price right now is $71800, so they aren’t that far off.

What’s buy rate MF? They’re charging you .00181 it looks like.

im not sure im trying to ask edmunds what it should be for audi Q8 premium plus 10705

they put my $1000 loyalty as if it was a down payment witch i do not like

This is usually how incentives get applied, as a CAP reduction.

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but i dont see the whole 9k as the cap reduction

You may need to share your original deal sheet so folks have more information to compare against. Otherwise, this is all pure speculation that won’t really help.

Also, what’s the DAS amount? Are paying that much cash? Or trade? Otherwise, your ‘rebate’ may be reflected as cash, thus negating the need to pay taxes on it. :man_shrugging:

Maybe too many questions which is why the deal was rejected?

im not sure what you mean this is all i have

When you worked the deal initially, what did the dealer give you? Screenshot? Deal sheet before signing? Something in writing or on paper?

oh i see i didnt give me no other paper work i signed the deal the same day i went only thing is they added audi care for about 30 bucks a month

How would you prefer it be used if not by reducing the cost?

What were the terms you discussed with the dealer? The way I’m reading this agreement, it looks to me like you’re putting $6,500 down and paying $996/mo. I’m hoping that’s not the case, otherwise you’re paying every cent of the vehicle’s depreciation.

the 6k its for taxes and fees i was told

Make sure you understand all the numbers before you sign anything. Effectively paying $1,200/mo for a $78,000 Audi is highway robbery. You could walk into almost any dealership in the country and drive off with any car on the lot for less than that.