Deal Check for a 2020 BMW X3

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Hi all,

I’ve got an intro offer on a BMW X3:

Edmunds says .00118, 55% and $500 lease cash. I also have BMW corporate incentive ($1500).

Based on the above, it looks like they are only at 7% pre-incentives. I’ll try to push that to 10-12% and add MSDs. Any other areas for improvement you see? Thanks!

I’m struggling to translate that document but to me it looks like only $1k off MSRP? $690 per month on a 50k msrp?

Looks like a $50914 selling price on a $54620 MSRP

I completely agree that the sheet is not very user friendly. The MSRP is $54,620 with a sales price of $50,914.60. It looks like they are applying the $2000 rebate/incentive to pay fees and then applying a remaining $967.50 as a cap cost reduction/down payment.

The dealer also provided this cover sheet, which references a $48,664.60 price. Though that number shows up nowhere on the above sheet.

As an update, they came back with “final” offer of $49,214 (or 9.9% off MSRP) preincentive.

If brokers are still getting X3s for 12% I see no reason why to not consider a broker in this case, unless this car is the exact spec you must have. Even with the broker fee it looks like a free $500.

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Either way, $690 a month with $2k down is not good. Id move on. For comparison theres brokers on here with $77k X3M Comps asking $629 with $2500 drive off

Totally agree. I was pretty clear with them about what I would pay upfront (fees/taxes only) and there would be no downpayment, and still received a worksheet not reflective of that at all.