Deal check for a 2020 Accord Sport 2.0T

Wondering if there is any more $$$ being left on the table. TIA

2020 Honda Accord Sport 2.0T (southern California)
36 months, 15k miles
MSRP: $32,315
Sales price: $28,160 (12.9% discount) - $1,000 loyalty.
MF: 0.00087
RV: 56%
Loyalty: $1,000
Drive off: 1st month + tax + dmv = $886
Monthly pmt after tax: $333

Leasehackr score: 8.7

I do not think I filled out the calculator correctly.

Should look like this, you need to pull the incentives out of the price. Looks like there’s $500 lease cash. How many dealers have you reached out to?

Thank you! The quote above, he said only includes loyalty.

I have reached out to 20+ dealerships from San Diego up to downtown LA. I would say I have not heard from probably 4 dealersgips, I assume they are closed.

10 of those dealerships are telling me that they will not touch that selling price with a 10 foot stick. The rest are telling me its too good to be true, they are lying, etc.

I was only negotiating the selling price before incentives with all the dealerships for over a week. This quote above is the best I received, so I went ahead and asked for some lease numbers.

Did you sign ?