Deal check for 2020 x5 lease


I went to bmw and got this deal for a 2020 x5 lease for 15k miles a years trading in my current car a 2016 maximum

X5 with $49xxx MSRP? Did you mean X3?

Well last time he posted this pic it was a 3 series

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I did post for a 3 series but I would be also taking out an x5

Well at least you got the right pic up now, you didn’t before

What is the value of the Maxima(?) that you are trading in? Deal check is useless with knowing that. $3,100 seems really low for a 2016 of anything or is that just your positive equity? Almost 15% off is great for a X5 but assume you are getting crushed on the trade to even it out.

Did you get quotes from Carvana or Vroom?

The value of the maxima was 16k it has 44k in miles

And they’re only giving you $3100 for it?

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By trading in you skew this deal heavily. Unless you have done research into what your car is worth, they’re most likely making this deal seem appealing by trashing you on your trade in.

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I still owe on the maxima 10k

Value of Maxima is 16k? You still owe 10k. They are only giving you a trade allowance value of 3,182?

So they’re giving you $13100 for your $16k Maxima. Means they’re showing an extra $3k in discount on the x5 that isn’t actually a discount.

$16K based on what? Private sale? You get a quote from Carvana to compare it to what the dealer is giving you?

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