DEAL CHECK for 2020 BMW 430i Gran Coupe Demo


Hi everyone! Been reading through the forum and really appreciate all the tips and insights that I’ve been able to pick up. Now’s my turn to try to put it into use :slight_smile:

Here’s the deal I’ve been offered

430i Gran Coupe /w 4141 miles
36 Mo/ 10k miles
MSRP: 53,320
Savings: 8,593 (16.1% of MSRP)
Selling Price: 44,727
Rebates: 2,750
Price /w Rebates: 41,977
Taxes: 3,332
Fees: 626 (300 doc fee)
Out the door price: 45,935
Monthly Payment: 568
MF: .00099

I put this into the calculator below but can’t get the monthly payment to reconcile with what’s on the quote. The hacker score looks good, but the monthly payment being so far off the quote makes me think I missed something. Maybe something with the taxs or down payment? I’ve asked the dealer to confirm the RV to see if that’s messing it up.

I’ll also apply max MSD’s before signing to reduce the MF but have left that out for now.

Thoughts on the deal? I’ve read about the 1% rule and this seems to pass it as well.

The 1% is not always the best way of looking at it. I would be pushing for a bigger discount on a loaner and an outgoing model.

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Also, have you test driven this guy more than just a few minutes? You can maybe even try to get a recent model year as an extended rental on Turo locally.

As someone who owned a 16 428GC MSport and got rid of it within 8 months, it’s unfortunately just not one that I’d personally recommend. Just a lacking car all around imo with an outdated interior that was just too… boring for me.

For reference, that car (truly loaded, even by the :bat:’s standards) sold in May for 18k with 30k miles on it - perhaps another option to consider if you’re looking in this space, since the majority of the depreciation hit is gone at that point and it’s still a similar styling.

I’m all for leasing, but to either lease a demo for 21k+ for 3 years or (from what I see for CarGurus PA) buy used for 3-5k less and then still have some equity at the end… :man_shrugging:

But ultimately thats a call that you’ll have to make - you need to know basic maintenance on these guys and be willing to be a bit hands on (or have a good local indy shop) since BMWs out of warranty can potentially be costly to maintain!

Back to your deal, personally I’d be wanting a higher discount, though it may be tough at the very moment. And remember, I’m biased. :wink:

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How much DAS?

Applying any rebates like loyalty, OL code PenFed etc?

The discount is “ok” given the situation now but this is a dated F series car. It’s old . You’re in IL so the tax situation doesn’t help. The new 4 series will be out soon.

At $568 I would say no to this car.