Deal Check for 2019 Audi E-tron

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Hello fellow hackers.
This is my first post so please forgive any ignorance. Looking into leasing a 2019 Audi E-Tron Premium Pus. Queried with a few dealers but this is the best so far. Looking to be in the low 500’s or less if possible. Trying to figure out where else to get the dealer to move with this deal to get the payment I would prefer. I also have Costco but it seems they rather use USAA instead. I believe the MF is .00173, they say I would lose so discounts for going the that MF. I could be wrong but I thought the RV was about 49%. Thank you for any assistance.

MSRP/Retail $77,470.00
Total Savings + Rebate $25,713.00
Purchase Price $51,757.00
Proc/Doc Fee $699.00
Gross Cap Cost $65,851.00
Cap Cost Reduction $12,500.00
Adjusted Cap Cost $53,351.00
Paid by Customer $1,504.10

MSRP: $77,470
Sales price: $64,257
Owner Loyalty: $2000
USAA: $2000
Tax Credit: $7500
Audi E-Tron July Dealer Sales Certificates (2 @ $400): $800 (included in the online price)
Your Price: $51,757
MF .00243
RV 46% @ 36 months.

Of course they want to use usaa, it’s only 2k. Costco would be 10% or 7k+. Ask them to do that or apply for Costco online and goto a diff dealer. What was the monthly payment for this one?


$692-$712. Ok will do that it might encourage them to use it.

that’s not terrible but there is definitely better deals out there. what mileage are you doing? The 46% residual seems low. now that i draw it out like i did below i’m wondering if they already have costco in the pre-incentive discount since they’re giving you 17% off. have you gone to edmunds to confirm other incentives in your area? ive seen on here that many places have a $6-8k marketing allowance (might replace or go on top of USAA). it could be they’re also using that in your 17% discount to get to the sales price.


Oh OK yes I did use Edmunds but only for the MF and RV. Also its for 36/10. I will also check with the dealer for me information about the Costco. If so should I just try other dealers since there mark down might include Costco’s discount.