Deal check - Equinox in NJ


Hey all, so I’m starting to inquire about an Equinox 2.0T premier AWD. I have received a quote from a dealer here in NJ. Just wondering how terrible this quote is - discount seems insanely low. Please give some input.

MF is correct btw. Thanks!

Yes this is horrible. Get quotes from a lot of other dealers and come back and post the best one. In the meantime go to Edmunds and request the mf and RV so you’re prepared for next steps.

The discount is weak. You can lease a BMW X3 and pay similar to this quote.

If you have to have an Equinox, you are better off buying it. Chevrolet is doing at least 15% off on the Equinox Premier- Check it out on the Chevrolet website.

Also look for a loaner to lease.

MF and RV confirmed to be correct.

I have to ask why, I drove the base model and was not impressed. In Long Island there are two dealerships that offer low prices with lots of fees on the LS AWD on a 24 month lease which has an MSRP of about 29 I think. It is 109 with 2500 down I think but that is the base

Why not get a Pilot EXL or Highlander, both have better deals on them

Cool now just start hammering the selling price. Alternatively calculate the monthly with a good selling price and see if any dealerships can get you there.

Assuming you don’t qualify for supplier or first responder?

Yes they do have first responder and health care, forgot about that

Go online and see what the minimum selling price is in this car with first responder.

I do not qualify for 1st responder, but I know GM does educator discount