Deal Check - EQE SUV SoCal

Deal my dad put together. I’ve been loosely monitoring these Mercedes EV deal threads for a while. Where do you think he should be at on selling price, etc?



Offered Discount


Dealer offered

Sale Price





Per dealer- 48 months

Cap reduction


Cash for Cap reduction


Interest on residual


4 years @ 3.36%- their rate

Sales tax on cap reduction




Needed cash before incentive




Needed cash before trade in


Trade in


cost to purchase trade in


Net cash


Not a pro at EQS/EQE leases like others are, but pre-incentive discount of ~7.1% feels a little low. Are others still getting 10%+?

Also, what term is this…48/15K? Not sure where you’re getting the 45% residual. And do you know what MF they are using? 3.36% interest rate seems low, as I thought MF was closer to .0027 on these EQEs (would be closer to 6.6%)

Monthly payment must not seem too bad but looks like they are giving almost 9K of trade-in equity which I’m sure plays a lot into it.

Too hard to read, but $40k cap cost reduction? :man_facepalming:

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Are you seeing something I don’t see? Where/what is the monthly payment?

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I’m concerned your dad doesn’t know what he’s doing.

What kind of half-loan, half-lease Frankenstein word soup is this ?


Sorry, guys. I didn’t take the time to edit it. He’s doing a one-pay on this 4 yr lease, using trade-in.

it’s the way he wants to do it. The MF and Residual are set by MBZ, so it really comes down to, in my region, is the sale price of the car not low enough vs what could otherwise be achieved.

Is it base MF or is it marked up? Have you checked to make sure your father is taking advantage of all available incentives?

Is the EQE the only car he wants? Eqe mania appears to be over since April. It’s not worth the money he’s about to pay on the car

I don’t think EQS is the only car he wants since this post is about the EQE.

Yes, EQE. It’s for my mother. She wants what she wants.
LMK if there’s a crazy deal on the EQS…