Deal check EQE Suv 350+

Hello hackers,

Getting ready to send these numbers to my contact at MB. Think the’ll go for it (16% off msrp). Please let me know if this looks ok and/or needs modifications. Thank you!

Looks great. For you, at least. Good luck. Let us know how it goes. If they come back with a counter, you can always counter back with a reduced discount and add MSDs to get to your target payment.

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Thank you. Yes, he mentioned that they may have a few loaners. thus why I suggested the 16% off. Don’t think they’ll go for it if its brand new. Ev + affinity are the 2 discounts I have in there, not sure if there is anything else going in for MB right now.

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So it is a loaner?

No, not a loaner. They are looking to pass the deal on a new one. Let’s see what happens. an MB near me has an EQS SUV loaner but its 100K with a 12 grand discount, doubt they’ll drop that to 80 ish . 2.5k miles on it.

Is this a dealer suggesting or you suggesting the price?

This is me suggesting. Told him I would send him the best I could do and he’ll let me know if they can work with it.

Are you okay sharing dealer details or if they have more on hand?

That would be a pass for a dealer, I am 75% certain. Might take that though on just that one, good luck!

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