DEAL CHECK - CX-5 Grand Touring Reserve

Hi All,

I would appreciate any deal check you can give me on the attached. I am a Socal Resident (92692), 800+ credit.

Lease quote includes a $307 last month’s payment on my current CX-5, plus their loyalty credit and consumer cash. Residual looks good based on Edmunds (I think they are noting a .58 last month, this quote puts it at a .57).

Thanks in advance!!

INB4 Mazda CX trashing by mllcb.

@AutoNinjas have one for 2020 Mazda CX-5 GTR AWD $319 Per Month with $1999 + 6 MSDs DAS. Same region, same trim. If you roll his brokerage fee in cost wise, you’d still come out on top.


I really appreciate the quick reply! What is the 6 MSDs you are referring to? Sorry if that is a dumb question!

Only the CX-9. I don’t have first hand experience with the 5. I believe @jeisensc is the one with that, if memory serves.

Haha I do appreciate that. This lease is for my wife who loves her current cx5 and just wants one with some more pep. Not looking at a bigger car like the cx9 and been generally disappointed with the look at feel of other similarly priced cars.

Do not put money down ($1599).

You can get minimum 10-12% off MSRP before incentives. (I got it back in July & according Mazda forums).

I factory ordered an early production 2013 CX-5 that was a lemon, yes. That created the $8k in negative equity I buried in CMax #1. And I was looking at them this past summer. Personally if it had the bigger engine I wouldn’t worry but I would never own another 2.0L

Doesn’t surprise me. Except for feeling like I was going to get rear-ended every time I merged onto highway, and breaking down many times, great car. So great it had its own website called CXFAIL.

The GTR was what I was looking at, and if it leased at these numbers last summer I might be driving that instead of the Volvo.

Oops! I knew someone had issues with a CX 5.

@Gabik123 MSDs are multiple safety deposits, you hand Mazda’s bank some $$$, and they make your money factor on your lease significantly less. In doing so, you save money, get the money back, and Mazda makes money/reduces risk of default. It’s part of leasing 101 on the wiki, which we recommend reading.

The brokerage deal I listed is significantly better, and is close to you in SoCal, I recommend at least looking into it rather than sign this one without further negotiation or changes.

Edit: Multiple, not manufacturer.

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Thanks! Appreciate the reply.

MSDs are multiple security deposits. Mazda’s captive bank is now Toyota Financial Services.

Sorry, my bad. ^^^

Since you mentioned MSDs, so you know if Toyota financial allows them? It looks like chase didn’t but the presence of them in that posting above implies that Mazda may take them now that they switched away from Chase?

When did the CX5 get its new infotainment system? My friend hates hers, it’s a source of frustration literally every time she starts the car.

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It’s state of the art for the 2014 model year, where at the time, it was scored a 2 out of 5!

Haha all I care about is carplay functionality, that will drive the infotainment system my wife will actually be using.

Once you finish waiting for it to start up

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And after you are done waiting for it to start up, it might reset itself repeatedly during your drive.

If you’re lucky, it might occasionally come to life fast enough to use the backup camera

Yes, Mazda does take them. @AutoNinjas broker post says so, so I assume it does. TFS does allow MSDs.

Correct - Chase did not allow them, Mazda has now adopted TFS’s MSD system.

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