Deal Check/Calculator Check - 2019 Chevy Blazer AWD Base - Colorado

This is my 1st time sharing a calculator so I mainly wanted to see if I can get some assistance to confirm if I’m using the correct figures for tax, incentives etc.

-$1,750 is Lease Loyalty
-I know my local tax is 6.7% and the dealer fee is $499. I believe the $27.20 is correct for state Registration fee
-Residual and MF are correct

I know this is a pretty ho-hum deal overall but I wanted to get some feedback. I have monitored MF/Residuals for 4 months on ALL TRIMS of Traverse, Blazer and even the Silverado and not a single one has had any outstanding combo of incentives.

Anyway, thanks for all info and feedback.

2019 Chevy Blazer AWD
MF: .00228
Residual: 68%
36 Month/12K Miles Per Year
$384/Month Incl tax
$0 drive off

The MF is costing you $6k alone over 3 years and 12% discount on a Chevrolet product isn’t exactly easy to get.

Not sure what type of feedback you’re looking for. We cannot verify your local tax rate and incentives.

I have 1 dealer willing to go 12% pre-incentive on an in-stock optionless (exactly what I want) unit.

I am hoping some Colorado hackers see this and confirm I’m doing the figures correctly.


I’m pretty sure your RV/term isn’t correct. I’ve only seen Edmunds quote RVs for these with 36 months, not 39.

I was quoted 8 percent off of a Première before incentives and they are being dicks and claim that it’s such a popular car etc etc. So I’m not buying it. Can anyone confirm if they have seen discounts higher than that?

At those prices I’ll just buy a glc300 demo

I contacted about 8 GMC/Chevy dealers on Traverse’s and Acadias a short while ago and none would go above 7 or 8% before incentives.

Unfortunately you are correct. I fixed the figures and calculator link in the 1st post to a 36 month. I got bad info on the 39 month rates (they are actually awful).
Thanks a lot.

So is the consensus to wait out another month and see what January looks like? Just to be clear, I’m hoping to stay in a GM product to avoid the dispo fee and get the $500 in wear and tear waived. Additionally my wife truly LOVES her '17 Acadia we are leasing now. And lastly, we have a GMC and Chevy dealer within walking distance of our home and my work so there is a big convenience factor for us regarding maintenance, oil changes etc etc.

Thanks again.

I highly doubt you’ll get better deals in Jan than in December.

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My last lease (a Mercedes) spent zero days at the dealer in 3 years. Lots of great cars out there if gm won’t play ball. Service should be a pretty mild consideration on a new car you’re only keeping for 3 years. Oil changes are cheaper/faster at independent shops if you don’t want to do it yourself (super easy).

I can almost guarantee Jan will be at best the same, but likely worse. Dec wraps up the calendar year, as well as Q4. There won’t be nearly the incentive to drop tons of cash or prop up rates on these in Jan, the beginning of the year and beginning of Q1.

GM generally doesn’t get better in January. IIRC from past years, GM incentives as a whole get worse.