Deal check Bmw X4 M40i (new)


Initial offer:
36/10k lease term

Msrp- 66745
Discount- 8.6%
Residual-56% pre incentive
Mf - .00119
Dealer fees and registration -1266
Incentives- 2500
Msd- none
Due at signing - 0
Monthly payment including 7% tax - 849.58.
Hollywood, Florida

Final offer- 789 tax in with 7 msds totaling 5600, 0 drive off.


Pre-incentive discount is tiny and a marked up MF (July is 0.00099, not sure about August one)…

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Discount seems a little low, even on a new one. Where did you get your MF from? Second time today I’ve seen .00119.

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Stock on x4 m40i is very minimal around the state. Maybe that’s why?

They told me base mf is .00099 and that they are marking up 20 points

That’s honesty. Yep. It is 0.00099 with a 2 point markup.

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Have you looked at what the brokers provide in the marketplace? You can get that discount for sure if you go with the broker. If you want to get that discount yourself, you may need to talk to many dealers and see which one is willing to offer similar discounts.

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