Deal Check BMW M2


This is a FL deal. Looks like they are making up some money on the MF since the buy is 0.00099

I feel like there is more in this deal. It’s a 2020 and they have been sitting on this car for a looong time. They talk about they are losing a ton. I doubt it.

I think I should push for a MF at 0.00124 and have them drop the AQ fee. This makes the payment 782.00. I don’t see them dropping the price any further.

This is their current offer, what do you think?

MSRP 72,855
Price 63,004
MF 0.00125
RV 37,855
Taxed Incentives 5000.00
Aq fee 925
Dealer fee 999.99
Gov fee’s 368.00
Tax 7%

Payment 834.00

they can’t drop the acq fee. what’s the $5K in taxed incentives? I’d be leaning towards buying it instead of leasing. M2 holds value well.

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This is an effective 12.3% pre incentive discount at base MF on a new M2…not sure where else you plan to move further.

Acquisition is non-negotiable.

I think your best case is to tell them to drop MF to 0.00119 or say you’ll take it for 825 a month and hope they don’t tell you to piss off.

As @jananth1 said, what are the 5k in incentives…Haven’t seen anything near that for leasing, even with student rebate. The purchase APR credit is up there though…

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What’s the RV this month? It’s usually in the low 50s which also hurts. The pre incentive discount looks pretty healthy to me. Even if they don’t move on the MF can you do MSDs? Would save $38/month.

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5K is money down.

And per the BMW Wiki on here it says they can drop the AQ Fee for an increase of 0.0005 on the MF.

Need to lease the car. Business reasons.

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. It would be more expensive if you structured the deal that way. You can’t be at .00125 with waived acq fee and no MSDs.

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A .0005 increase on the MF is equivalent to about 2.5% of MSRP. On this car, that’d increase your rent charge by $1800. You don’t want to spend $1800 to save $900. The acquisition waiver generally only makes sense on 24 month leases with low MSRPs.


Then that wouldn’t be an incentive - it would be a cap cost reduction which reduces your tax obligation.

12%+ on a new M2 is stellar. Like someone said, calculate if financing makes more sense (check BMW offers) given the more modest real world depreciation on these.

If you raise the MF from 0.00099 to 0.00104 in the calc. you will see the change. Unless this is based on the top MF of 0.00139?? What am I missing?

Yes, but the dealer is not applying that way. If I apply as a DP drive offs go over 7500.00 with a lower payment in the low 700’s…00 Lowers the score too 7.1

Waiving the acquisition fee increases the MF by .0005 not .00005. .00099 + .0005 is .00149, not .00104.

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Ah ha! That’s what I messed up on.

Ok so on a scale from 1-10 rate the deal?? Is there anything else that you guys see?

And thanks for all the help and input.

With 12K its 52%

Are you sure that’s the MF they’re charging? I’ve never seen a dealer mark up the mf by .00026. It’s usually multiples of .0001

I know what you’re talking about but the markup on the deal we signed in July was marked up by .00011 (0.00099 marked up to 0.0011).

Unusual but can happen.

They started at 0.00139 Never even gave me the buy rate of 0.00099. Then they tell me that thay are buying my rate down to 0.00125. I hate all the lies.

I coincidentally asked about the same car yesterday. They started me at 1.1k/month and lied about their MF not being marked up, so I just couldn’t talk to them anymore haha. Based on your figures, it seems like a great deal. Better option would be to probably buy this one imo.

I’m still holding out on them. Yes is a pretty good deal but the options on the car are what’s jacking the price way up. I don’t need the Cup2 tires and that steering wheel is terrible. Dealers are very out of touch with the market.

I have no emotional attachment to this car.