Deal Check - BMW 530i loaner


I’m looking at 2 different loaners, trying to feel out if the deals are worthwhile.
Deal 1 - 2019 530i with 3600 miles. Mineral white cognac interior. Original MSRP 57k.
36/10 - $506/mo taxes in $2k cash at signing. FL deal. Taxes removed $471

Deal 2 - 2020 530i loaner with 3300 miles. BLk/blk
MSRP 58k.
36/10 $518/mo taxes in. $2K signing. $481 pre tax

No M sport both cars come with “stock” 18 inch wheels. What you guys think? Which one would you get?

You need more information to evaluate these deals. Selling price, incentives, fees, mf

:point_up: This and also check when was the 2019 punched in to see remaining maintenance. For a difference for a newer year, higher msrp and less miles, i dont know why one would take the 2019.

Considering the white one because of the cognac interior. My favorite color interior of all. I’m just not a fan of white.
It also kills me that both cars have the “stock” 18 inch wheels but that seems to be the sacrifice I need To make since I’m chasing a payment as close to $500/mo as possible.

Don’t payment chase and get all of the breakdown. What incentives do you qualify for? How much are they discounting the car before incentives? And are they giving you buy rate or marking it up? This is the information you need to calculate and see if they’re offering a good deal. I would ask for at least 18% off before incentives.

I leased a 2019 540i loaner which had a $71k sticker for $499 + tax with only $1k due at signing. I don’t know your breakdown but I think you’re leaving money on the table.

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I lease a very similar car here in GA for $459 per month tax included (7%) car was 58k and I did a sign and drive.