Deal Check: BMW 2020 228i loaner lease

I am looking at a 2 series loaner with 7 months of service and 2.8K miles. I got quoted by dealer with $3K down (+$1500 rebate that I won’t need to pay) for $4500 drive off, I’ll only be paying $3000 at signing. Monthly rate of $234 before tax. Seems like a decent deal to me, about to sign soon.

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you don’t want to put MSD?
No loyalty?

yea i tried asking sales person for $2500 MSD + $500 down rather than the $3k down but was told it’s not worth it to do MSD anymore, and it’s a manager special that requires $3k down.

I’ve never owned a car before.

Finance guy offered a bunch of packages, I turned it all down thanks to a thread I read about here this weekend to turn down every service/warranty pkg.

About to sign the lease now on DocuSign

oh and I’m just seeing in this breakdown that they tacked on a $1789.37 “rent charge”, not sure what that’s about

Edit: nvm, apparently that’s the MF / interest

end of month around the corner so push hard. This is BS and tbh, likely laziness lol. An Autonation dealer in NorCal that I won’t name gave me excuse#1 that systems were down then excuse#2 that the manager who knows MSDs isn’t around. I pushed and somehow magically it happened.

You can do more research on this forum about it, but you want to minimize your down pmt in the unforeseen circumstance of the car getting totaled which results in full loss of your down.

You can probably push for a bigger discount and not have to put so much out of pocket for the drive-off
Look at the broker threads on here, they have loaner 228i deals you can work on replicating or just go with one of theirs
Good luck!

You’re going about this all wrong. Do not rely on the sales rep’s opinion of MSDs, you need to do the math yourself and know exactly how they will affect the payment. If you want to do MSDs then tell them to include them, don’t ask. Most sales reps won’t have a clue about MSDs.

Also, having the dealer go from $3k down to $500 down/$2500 MSDs means they would be cutting another $2500 out of the deal so it’s no wonder they said no. It doesn’t work like that.

Finally $3779 down is a terrible idea. Forget the “managers special” BS. I would take a step back, adjust the calculator to the terms you want, not what the dealer wants, and counter.

They’re not doing you some favor by applying msds. You tell them how you want it structured and they do it or you take your business to someone that will listen to your requests.

Your calculator is not quite correct. This is closer to your deal
$1750 MSD nets your $540.

The internet strangers are all saying step back, and re-evaluate.

If you do end up signing it, remember - once you take delivery, there is no cooling off period or unwinding the deal in CA. Once it’s off the lot, it’s yours. GLWT

$0 drive off $2450 MSD will put you at exactly $300 pre tax, $326 total. Good luck!

Thanks everyone. Unfortunately I did end up already signing it before seeing this, but won’t be taking delivery until this Saturday.
Probably not worth the hassle to try to re-negotiate, this dealer was quite a bit cheaper than everywhere else I found.
Loaner with 08/2020 service start date and only 2500 miles, discounted to $32,900 from MSRP of $41,345.

Should have waited till this Friday to sign cause I’m not taking delivery until Saturday anyways, would have given me an extra week of lease lol.


Why did you post here asking for advice? Every response was no don’t do it, there are brokers here providing better deals to model yours on or just use them. Then you went and signed it without taking the advice you asked for.

Seems disrespectful and selfish. No respect for others time.

If it was in share a deal instead of ask the hackers understandable.

Hahaha, yea shoulda slowed down the process a bit, was too excited in getting my first car. Drove my parents’ 2001 Corolla for 13 years, starting from 2005 at 30K miles until 2019 at 95K miles (but I didn’t drive during 4 yrs of college college), then I moved out to SF and didn’t drive. Finally rented a parking space in my apartment building just now ($380 a month lol…)

That Corolla was a beast, never had any issues even in Wisconsin and then Northeast winter. My parents sold it after I left, for $400 to a friend whose kid turned 16, it’ll probably last that kid through college.

I just looked up the broker threads and I didn’t really find a better deal to be honest.
My total lease cost is $12,187.

Eg here’s a deal from the broker thread:
2020 228i GC exloaner
36/10k lease
$2500 due at signing (includes CA plates/reg)
$500 liaison fee
Total lease cost would be $15,312 and this is before tax, plus I don’t qualify for loyalty so it’d be $15,812 + about $900 in tax = $16,700

Does AN just not like MSDs? I was going to try to use MSDs but the AN dealer I got my car said just throw the money in the market.

In fairness, they were right. Made more than the MSDs would have saved me with a couple options.

Yeah. There’s probably 1500 of down payment in there and people gave a lot of good advice. Deals not bad but could structured it better but yes it’s a waste of time and I’m not sure how the Corolla is relevant in the discussion.

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Tbh - I just think they’re lazy lol. Maybe they have a more painful process to add MSDs? All I know is they can all do it.

Yup. It’s not for everyone. IMO tying up a few grand to save some $$ over a 2 year lease is worth it. I keep most of my BMWs for 2 years or less than that anyways so it makes sense for me personally.

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