Deal Check: Audi SQ5, with Costco discount


Hi gang, kindly requesting input on this lease being offered to me on an SQ5. This is with the 10% Costco deal. I am in the SF bay area and was not able to get any dealer to offer anything past the 10% discount. Money factor and residual seem to be correct based off other recent postings.

They can technically go dealer than 10% so you can try. That and MSDs is about all you can do.

I tried hard, no one is budging (I assume because the they have no problem selling them around here)

Hmm… I get the same thing with various dealers in SF.

Did you check out the broker deals on this forum? I recall them being cheaper but maybe MSRPs were lower.

They’re not going lower because they’re assuming Costco’s 10% off deal is going to sell these units for them, and they can say “sorry, the Costco deal is firm at 10% off” and leave it at that. Watch the Costco deal go away and I am sure they’ll go back to normal negotiating when they want to actually move units, especially with the MY change coming up in a few months. (Whenever it finally happens.)

Have you considered an Q5E? You’ll get 10% Costco plus $6,712 federal tax credit if you lease. A 62K premium plus Q5E would get you down to a selling price under 50K