Deal Check Audi SQ5 P+

Deal Check

They won’t provide me the MF, But here is what is offered. Tax is 8.625%

2023 Audi SQ5 P+
MSRP Price $74555

36month 10k Miles

With Trade of a 2021 Q3, They are giving me 28k but payoff is just under 30k

$8k down

w/tax $690/month.

That’s effectively $6k down after the $2k neg equity. Seems pricy, have you looked at all the brokers offering Audi deals?

also, have you gotten quotes from all the car buying sites? Anybody offering you more than $28k? Seems like you’re close to payoff amount, maybe someone is willing to go higher?

I just used a carvana offer and had a local Audi dealer match it and buy back the car.

keeping your trade separate from the new car purchase makes for a cleaner transaction as it removes leverage from the new car dealer.

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This looks awful. You are doing it wrong. Instead of waiting for random quotes you should figure out all your numbers like discount, MF, equity and reach out to several dealers with your proposed deal. If I was you I would probably start with @Samaudibh and @DonnyAudi

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This is a big red flag, there’s no reason to not do so if it’s buy rate.
Edit: and do yourself a favor, listen to @cezar9 's suggestion.


I’ll be happy to help

This is what I got for their numbers.

I’ve been trying to get them to remove the “clear shield” since I know it is leaving money on the table.

Without tax is about $639/month

When I ran a lower msrp though a different system a got these numbers.

This looks Omega

The one above was omega but the screenshot above was actual dealer.

Discount should be around 10% tbh
Start there

But that does include the massive DAS, no? I mean, who cares about the clear shield? It’s sort of like a drop in the bucket compared to what they’re taking from you…

8k sounds huge, looks like they used marked up MF
Friend got quoted for a 67k sq5 yesterday in tx 700/mo 782 DAS, take that as a reference

I see a flag now this is what they came back with

0.00189 / 0.59

How do you get to $74.5K starting price on an SQ5 with premium plus package? It sounds like they are starting above MSRP and giving you a ‘discount’.

Black optics,
21” black optics wheels
Dynamic steering
Sports Plus package
Fine leather
Trailer hitch
Audi beam rings

That is a nice build! 2023 SQ5 sportback?

No, I also looked at sports back but not roof rails.

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