Deal check: audi q5

this was the first draft i got from a local dealer here in Tennessee on a 2020 Audi Q5 premium
i have been reading up on this forum for a couple weeks but still feel like the more i learn the more i realize how much i don’t know. ha

purchase price is almost %12 off msrp
just looking for help on where i should push back.
go easy on me… !



Looks gnarly to me.

Q5 leases like cr@p… look at something else

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And whatever you do never a good idea to put money up front as a downpayment on lease. There’s a big difference between due at signing (DAS) and a down payment. Know the difference.

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Yea, for starters I’d get rid of the $2k down.

And that MF looks way off. According to Edmunds the buy rate MF on a Q5 for August is .00036

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4.2% off MSRP pre-incentives- not good.
$2k down- not good
marked up MF- not good.

I always refuse to pay a so called “processing fee”. It’s a scam, and free money to the dealer - straight out of your pocket. See if you can get it removed. Otherwise there are plenty of dealers in TN who don’t charge it.

Hey I’d like some help on an Audi Q5, wanted to know what the money factor, lease And loyalty incentives and residual value of a 2020 Audi Q5

Zip code 02151



For reference purposes, just completed a deal on a 2020 Q5 Premium Plus.

Managed a 6% discount off MSRP to Selling Price before applying any Rebates, Incentives, etc.

NJ Dealer. Zero Down.

$554 per month (36 / 10); Did not qualify for Loyalty or Conquest.

A lot of effort went into reaching a deal within 24 hours.

Current lease comes to an end in 12 hours.

Cutting things close.

Satisfied with the deal though might not be the best available.

Pls post two pages of the contract below the personal info

Hi, would you mind to share more details on your deal? MSRP, Selling price etc. Also, if you can share dealership name in NJ. Thanks

I’ll e-mail you the specifics