Deal check - Audi Q5 2022 45 S Line P+


Doing my research but still fairly new to this, unexpectedly need to lease a car earlier than I wanted to - need a deal gut check on an Audi Q5 2022 45 S Line Premium Plus in the Los Angeles area.

MSRP : $55,170
Selling price: $51,715
MF: 0.00305
RV: 58%
Monthly: $769 with tax
Drive Off: $3000

Thanks in advance!

If you have not already done so, you should check with Sam at Beverly Hills Audi.


Thank you! Yes, I did. His offer wasn’t as good as this one. Will try going back to him.

Assuming this is a 36m lease quote?

So that’s $30k to lease a $51k car.

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Also, about 1/3 of the total lease cost (almost $9K) is rent charge bc of the insane MF. If you can get a decent auto rate, you are better off financing.

Thanks! Great advice. From reading on here it seems like the Q5s don’t lease well due to this.

Did that include any loyalty or conquest cash?

Did you get RV bump for Audicare with Costco? You definitely need to negotiate a higher discount. Some brokers here advertise 10%+ discounts on the Q5. Did you check with @DonnyAudi ? He had one Q5 that was supposed to be close to the 1% of MSRP payment mark.