Deal check : Audi Q4 etron premium plus


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$399 for tint :sunglasses:

Depending on the tint they used that’s cheaper than I could get it done around here.

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You should take that deal.

This looks pretty good assuming selling price = MSRP. 399 for tint is a pretty good deal as far as dealer addons since you will probably pay some money for tint anyway. Some dealers in So Cal are known to charge 799 for tint. If you really like the car you should consider buying your lease right away with lower interest rate since the MF on Audi EVs is usually a bit high and will eat into some of the tax credit by the end of the lease. You have a good discount to offset it so either way it’s good. Overall. this is probably the best Q4 deal that I have seen. In AZ you’d be looking at no discount, 1500 in addons and 600 doc fee.

Yep, that’s the list price on the sticker no addendums.

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honestly, I agree. That looks quite good.

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Wait a sec, did I just get played? I think that’s your deal!

No one’s getting played, and this totally isn’t it an advertisement for our deals on Q4’s for Texas buyers while lender tax credits last.

Glad you thought it was a decent turn though.

Yeah…I didnt mean it in a bad way…:crazy_face:

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You also get “whopping” 250kWh Electrify America charge credit. Not sure what the Q4 rates per kilowatt but my 2021 etron would eat through that in about 500 miles or less.

Would this be better to finance instead?

Lease first to get the credit and then buy the lease.


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Everything in the image is almost the same except its down to $700 for 48 Months


Give more details. too bland

I have added the details. Please check. Thanks!

Make sure to ask the dealer for their approval notification from the Texas Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner on charging $10 over the maximum doc fee according to the Texas Finance Code. But in all seriousness, best I can surmise (since you didn’t get the actual data behind the quote) is a marked up MF and maybe even a slightly marked down RV (meh). A marked up MF is not unusual but the amount marked up seems high - maybe that’s typical with Audit dealerships but that would be my only question on the deal.

Residual Value - 26850

What are the $1100 in “fees?”

That was the initial quote.The final quote was not shared as a screenshot or on paper. Did the deal for $672 per month for 36 months. Residual is $30945.