*Deal Check * Audi A5 SB-One Last Try


2019 A5 SB: Premium Plus, Black Optics Plus, S-Line Sport, Bang and Olufsen

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Is there a question? Or is this a wanted ad?

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Coffee hasn’t kicked in yet; forgot to put “deal check.”

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If those numbers are what the dealer is offering, then they look good discount wise.


That’s what the offer is. I’m going to ask for Audi Care and the 1% bump in residual. I’m not sure what all of the dealer fees are but he quoted me $1757 which includes first month payment. I haven’t seen anything better that doesn’t have MSDs but I know others have been around longer and would be better judges.

Looks pretty good to me for a nice config. If you’re going to buy Audi care anyway, get that 1% residual bump.