Deal Check AUDI 2020 Q5e 55 TFSI e quattro

Hi guys! thanks in advance for your help!
Southern California
AUDI 2020 Q5e 55 TFSI e quattro

MSRP 57,850
Discount $4628
Sale Price = $53,222
Aftermarket =$698
Gross cap Cost $54,815
Rebate $8,712
Net cap cost = $46,5120
Customer Cash $2000
Residual $29,503 (.51)
Money Factor 0.00109
Program miles 7500 / 36 month
Monthly payment $544 w/o tax. With tax $586 (7.75%)

Thank you!

What is aftermarket charge here , seems like B’s ?

Inoc, the breakdown for aftermarket per the least sheet
total $698

Does this make sense to you?

You don’t need those.

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You should have a bit more wiggle room. Costco discount should get you 10% off of MSRP before the rebates. I’d aim for 12% tho.

I believe Costco doesn’t apply to Q5 and Q5e but double check. Either way push for a larger discount as these are a harder sell for most. Also having them remove those aftermarkets is a must (or give you a larger discount).

totally agree on the aftermarkets. curious, do you why the Q5/e are a harder sell for most?

yeah it’s interesting how they quote me 10% discount for the Q5 but only 6-7% for the Q5e

More incentives but much higher msrp (Most people don’t know how the math on a lease works).