Deal check: Alfa Romeo Giulia base RWD

Location: SoCal

I bit on an advertised special of 0 down 299/mo for a base 2020 Giulia, but of course, fine print says DAS is actually more like $2500 even with conquest. Need to close within 36 hours, would love to get feedback on this deal.

36 mo / 10k miles
MSRP: $40,995 (completely base car)
Sale price: $34,995 - includes 1k conquest incentive and dealer discount
DAS: $1,500
monthly pmt w/ tax: $360

Didn’t get lease sheet but backed into MF and such using calculator. I’m a newb so forgive any mistakes. Thanks y’all!

Calculator link:

It might just be me but the link keeps showing the base calculator did you use the link creator on the calculator page to copy and paste and save the data?

Pass. Advertised specials 98% of the time are flaming garbage, have you even driven a giulia?

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When I click the link it shows my calculator—not sure what I did wrong but numbers are posted anyway, I just backed into .001 MF and 61% residual.

Agreed that they’re usually garbage but I figured if I could even get close to that number it would be a good deal. I test drove one and actually enjoyed it. You think my deal is no good?

The Giulia is the best driving car in the class.


I just don’t like the car, I’ve heard bad thing, I didn’t like the one I test drove.

Yes, it depends on what you want. I drove the new A4 and BMW 3 series, and both were incredibly boring in comparison.

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Of course, it’s always subjective. Just a personal opinion, besides hating the car you drive for xx months is always a terrible idea.

I still remember test driving this car a couple of years back when I leased my S5SB, if not for its small size I would have gotten the Giulia over the S5. it was just more fun to drive imo, felt a lot smaller and agile. Thats not to say the S5SB isn’t an amazing car, love it. But the test drive of the Giulia sticks.

As for the lease numbers I wouldn’t do a base unless you just want the car and dont car about niceties.


I appreciate the response. Only nicety I care for are the upgraded black rims/trim you get on the nero/sport package. Sounds like my payments will go up $50 a month for this, as MSRP is 3-4k higher. I’m trying to stick to my original budget

What dealership did you go to? I went to Glendale. I’m also in the market for an Alfa.

MSRP $44,890
Sale price $37,640
Residual $21,098.30

36 months
$1500 DAS

That seems high…it’s for a Stelvio, but still.

I got my Alfa at Glendale and it was the best price I got in socal as well as the best service. The second best I can recommend is either Van Nuys or Orange Coast.

I like the sales guy (Camilo).

What kind of numbers did you get? If you don’t mind.