Deal Check - $4/mo lease on a Honda Accord EX-L 2.0

I just signed the papers for the total loss settlement on my 2018 Accord EX-L 2.0 (was hit head on by a reckless driver that lost control)

Original lease contract in July 2018 was $28,677, and the settlement came just came back nearly 5 years later at $28,409, essentially making this lease $4.46/mo - yeah I extended the lease a bunch during the 2021/22 madness

If you factor in the sales tax on the settlement I guess I was actually paid $45/mo to lease it.

I’m sure there’s crazier covid stories than this and yeah I know I’m not calculating it correctly with all the sales tax and rent charge, but still it’s a hell of a deal to get nearly the exact same price for a 5 year old car.

I’ve seen plenty of flips here, but anybody else have crazy long term leases?

You leased an Accord for 5 yrs at $360/mo?? How much DAS? Even if $0, you spent $20,880 out of pocket and got back $28.4k, but RV was $18.4k. So $10k to you, leaving you having paid $10,880. About $187.80/mo plus the DAS. Do I have that right? Or am I missing something?


It’s nice that you got something out of it, being that you lost your car, but “Hell of a deal” is an odd way to put it.

I would gladly make the all the payments, not get slammed into head-on, and return the car to Honda

Sounds closer to actually correct. It was indeed just 1st month plus fees DAS. I believe it was ~$880

MSRP was ~$32k before incentives and discounts, and settlement equity is just over $17k. Keep in mind I drove an average of ~6400 miles a year so that helps.

Even now one of the lowest cost cars I’m looking at is a 2023 accord hybrid EX-L, even paying MSRP they’re stll almost neck and neck against EVs that have crazy rebates and discounts.

You’re gonna be in for an eye opener when you try to lease a 2023 Accord EXL. Good luck


Lease is about $560 on a DAS, but fuel would be about $100/mo less so that helps. Finance is about $80/mo less TCO factoring the resale.

I’m honestly not finding much else in the true $500/mo range but I’m mostly looking at SUVs.

GM paid me about $80/mo to drive two Bolts over 37mo and 42k miles :joy::joy:. Going to be hard to do that again. $2k back on MSRP swap and $6k equity at end of lease, payments were $135/mo


Curious. Do you or someone else know if RV stays same for extended lease or does it get revised down?

this guy maths.

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The buyout price on mine definitely went down from the original residual after extending

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Sorry im confused. You leased it, then bought it when lease ended. Now its totaled. Correct?

Depends on the lessor, some such as Toyota FS reduce the RV on extensions, other lessors do not. It just depends on the lease extension contract.

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how much did you pay that driver to hit your head on?


Somewhat. I extended the lease several times during covid and the chip shortages because I didn’t want to deal with the nonsense of getting something new at a ridiculous price. I should’ve bought it out when the rates were 2.9% though.

I finally bought it out a few months ago right before somebody smashed into it

Probably not nearly as much as my wife’s medical bills. I probably would’ve kept it till it hit at least 50k miles or maybe 2 to 3 more years. It’s nice having your registration and insurance bill go down every year.

Hope everyone wasn’t hurt too bad.

God, the American healthcare system is in shambles and would break a lot of good people.

Everyone wound up ok, but 4 people went to the hospital. I think the other driver had a fractured vertebrae. Definitely the worst accident I’ve ever been in.

She’s from a country with government healthcare and was in disbelief when I told her the hospital bill would probably be like $30k. She’s like “But how? It wasn’t our fault?!?”. Luckily I know a good lawyer.

@Bumboola stays in business

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We had the 2018 accord Ex, paid $24xxx + tax for it in june 2018, large homeless camp across a 4 lane road finally gets disbanned after 18 months. Three days later we start having issues with the car, turns out it had rats that were chewing on everything wire related. Ended up with $5k of insurance damage, dealer that fixed it bought it from us at $26k, not bad for 4 years of ownership!

The new accord just looks so goofy to us, we haven’t really replaced the vehicle yet (this was last july). I wish I liked it better, the front end needs a lot of work IMO.

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