Deal check: 24 Kia EV9 Land 24/12k

Hello Lease Hackrs, first time leaser here and I have a deal that I want you to check.

After some research I prepared this lease proposal for a specific car at a nearby dealership.

The dealership countered with only an additional $823 discount for a sale price of $66,000 and agreed on the MF, the salesperson sent me a $573/month payment with $550 down payment (which I initially put there without much though) but I didn’t get their lease worksheet or anything similar.

This is my best effort at replicating in the calculator

What do you think?


You need to target a unit with the $1500 vin specific bonus cash

I realized that the proposal was hard to read so I’m uploading a PDF instead
Lease proposal.pdf (57.3 KB)

They said this in one of those but it was already included in their discount.

In that case, your selling price is $67500, which puts you at 9% off. Thats not a bad discount

You are doing pretty well. Quite close to rock bottom it seems.

In the calc, doc fee won’t be zero. MF seems off as well.

$1500 rolled into discount is not a bad thing. Lowers tax slightly. But you need to consider that when assessing dealer discount.

I would push for another $500 off and close the deal.

Thats correct for somewhere eith the $8300 incentive.

There are other regions with a higher mf and higher incentives.

Proposal shows the correct MF but the calc shows 0.00004.

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573 isnt the worst for a EV9 Land, especially since you are in a taxed state on EVs. Nice job on the proposal too. Love seeing people create them. Really is the way to go.

I also agree with the above, I would say if you dropped the 550, that puts you mid between your proposal & theirs. 550 a month including tax for a ev9 land is pretty oood