Deal Check - '23 XC90 B6 Plus - 7 seater

Hey all,

So I’ve been working on securing a deal in AZ, which is never easy. This one dealer will not send me a sheet regardless of how many times I ask. Below is what he sent, and I tried to back into the numbers on the calculator and not very close to his. Below is the calculator and his latest email and “sheet” he sent. No idea what he’s talking about with the MSDs A few notes:

  • He says this is base MF bought down with max MSD
  • He says residual is 56, Edmunds says 57 (see his explanation)
  • I’m in AZ and rebates and incentives are untaxed. I qualify for $2k loyalty, 1k costco, $500 First Resp, $3500 lease bonus (Edmunds). This is reflected in his “sheet”, and if you net that out to selling price it leaves dealer discount of $6715 (what I used in calculator).

Hoping some of the volvo experts here can help me figure this out. Thanks!

I double checked the Residual 10K definitely 56% at 10K

Volvo had some problems at the first of the month with their rates and residuals.

The 57% is at 30 months

Volvo’s MSD are calculated by the payment before the .0050 is reduced. So it would be 10 X that payment rounded up to the Nearest $25.00 incriment

Unrelated, but blur the salesperson info?

Done, thanks for catching.


Also wrong.

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Yep, figured it was “wrong” and “also wrong”, just not sure how to correct them. Went through this last time with dealers who insist they’re
correct. This particular dealer also says LH calc is never right. So annoying. Anyway, thanks for the help

LH calculator will calculate MSDs for you.

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