Deal check: 2024 Volvo XC-60 Recharge Ultimate dark

Thanks for ringing endorsement @gohawks23, I needed that.

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No one argues here at how good you are in math.


Thanks! Check this out…

Just like I’ve said before:

Not the same as preparing and making your own offer to dealer, that can be done with the calculator in a few minutes (depending on the leasing understanding).

Perfect example of where the issue is a failure of preparation, not what tool the target deal was constructed with.

2 minutes with the lh calc is more than enough to find major issues with that dealer offer.

Not necessarily. Suppose my own prepared offer is DAS = 0 or DAS = 1st payment. How would you allocate total rebates toward a CCR for which the balance exactly covers the lease inception fees (i.e., a portion is allocated toward the CCR and the remaining portion covers the inception fees)? No online calculator can make those calculations including the LH Calc.

You may want to look at the discussion in the following thread…

There are those that prefer DAS = 0.

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You are overcomplicating things. Again - all there is to know is the monthly and DAS. How dealer gets there doesn’t matter. You enter rebates into taxed or untaxed or both as CCR, select zero DAS or first and fees DAS, etc. Get the numbers and send to dealers. Who cares how they distribute your incentives if the final numbers match yours? $745/mo & $745 DAS from the calculator is the same money in the final contract with $745/$745.