Deal Check 2024 Mercedes-Benz GLE350 Lease (NC)

We don’t know what the price is. What’s the MSRP and what’s the selling price?

What’s the APR?

Oh MSRP 68545, 67000 selling price, APR 6.05%

What you fail to understand in a number of your posts is the difference between an acceptable deal (to you) versus what would be acceptable given today’s market. $800 on a GLE is something circa 2020 or earlier. In today’s market, that number would represent 17%+ off sticker which is never going to happen. So while we would all love to go back to the days of a $600/month X5 or $800/month GLE, we need to contribute here on a basis of reality. To throw numbers around that you think are what would drive you, personally, to sign a deal, as unrealistic as it is, is utterly unhelpful.


If you finance, get in touch with as many dealers and brokers you can, see whose selling price is the lowest and the rest is square: get the best loan you can (compare MBFS, credit unions, your bank rates) for 60 mo and refinance it down the road when rates drop. 60 mo is a sweet spot, if you go beyond 60 your car will depreciate at faster rate than you will be paying off your loan and it will put you in negative equity throughout the most part of the loan.

Is it 2024 or 2023? You can get $3000 or more off MSRP on the car (especially on 2023 model), so I would keep looking around if 67K is the best offer you received so far.

2024 New car. Btw, the selling price is the adjusted price after the discount or the price including all the tax and fees?

That’s the selling price.

That’s OTD (out the door)

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In lease contracts “agreed upon value” is what the dealer will sell the car for. I haven’t ever financed a car, so not too familiar with how finance agreements are written, but I assume there will be selling price for that car on your contract , or MSRP and then multiple lines with + and - signs. (i.e. -$5000 deposit, -$Discount, plus taxes, tags, processing fees, and etc., which should bring you to balance you will be financing).
Look carefully before you sign anything and ask financing guy to explain what each line stands for if anything is not crystal clear.

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Why don’t you leave me alone and mind your own business? :grinning:
If I am so dense as not to get it (which, btw, you wouldn’t suggest if you were reading what I was actually writing, because I do get it as I have repeatedly explained), then why not put me on your ignore/mute list and forget about my posts? :grinning:

Hi @max_g - What do you think of the price? It’s around the number Edmunds showed.

I haven’t seen prices like that on a GLE since before 2020.

It doesn’t really matter. Car is not worth what they are charging to lease it. Would you spend $3000 on a pair of Adidas, just because there was rubber shortage and Adidas cut production by 100 times?

Also, a fact check. Prices were the best around January 2021-May 2021, before stock shortages hit the market. Another fact check: I found a website where you can ask in real time about up-to-date money factors on any cars. 0.0033 is marked up MF on this car, Tier A1 qualifies for better than that (same applies to Porsche, Tier1 doesn’t get 0.00490 MF as I was told by one dealer recently). Another fact: there were incentives on these MB cars as recently as in April-May of this year, not only MF was lower, but there were cash rebates and discounts available.

You don’t see numbers I posted in the current market? It means it’s a bad time to lease that car. Period. Nothing else is said/suggested. My point is: Adidas is not worth $3000 a pair, no matter the overinflated hype. Now, if you want to get it anyway, and there is a line in front of a store to grab them for more, then more power to you. Do as you wish :grinning:

Seems good at first glance. I’m not tracking the GLE closely. As always check the Marketplace in bigger markets such as CA and NY to see what level of discount is being offered there

Hi guys, I am in NC trying to negotiate financing for a 2024 Mercedes-Benz GLE350 AWD 4M. I got a pretty decent deal today, just want to share and see if is there anything else I need to pay attention to.

The offer I received today:
MRSP: $68545
Rebate/Discount: $2299+$500
Adjusted Price:66245
Dealer fee: $518
Tax: $2002
Non tax fees: $83.5
Balance: $68350

60 months, $5000 down, $1249/mo with 6.35%APR (Applying for the loan now, maybe can get a better rate)

I’m applying for the loan now so need to wait for OTD price, but I’m pretty happy with this offer and want to seal the deal. Please help to see if is there anything I need to take a look at for this current deal, thanks!

Is it from Raleigh? $2,500 is the usual discount on GLE350 these days

If it’s 2024 car (not 2023), and not a demo, then I believe that’s a decent discount under current market conditions.

On a $65,000 loan @ 6.35% you’ll save ~$4,500 in interest if you opt for 36 months instead of 60.

And that probably minimizes your potential savings, as rates are often better for shorter terms.