Deal check - 2024 Mazda CX90 PHEV Premium

New to the site and leasing, but have been studying up a lot as of late. I’ve received a few deals from local dealers in the Seattle area, but nothing under $700/m. I have one for $0 down, but the monthly cost is $800+… Hoping to get closer to $500 if possible. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

LH Calc

What does the payment look like w/ the same DAS but for 24 mos?

You should look further afield for a bigger dealer discount than $2500.

Put together a calc for 24/12k at around 6% off and 8 MSD.

SECURITY GUARD is dealer speak for lets rip this guy off for as much as we can.

If you have the SCCA XPlan you can get 6% off, so this dealer is really reaming you a good one while giving you $2500 off

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Thanks! his 24 mos offer comes to $738

Thanks - yeah i already told him I’m not paying for the security guard.
Not familiar with the SCCA XPlan, but I’ll look into it. Know off the top of your head how much a membership is?

Thanks - I’ll work on that. However, we only typically drive 8-9k miles per year max and don’t plan to do a buyout, so not sure if the 12k would make sense in this situation.
Regarding MSD’s - I need to read up a little more on this as I’m not totally familiar with how it works, but do understand it can help lower the monthly payments as well.

Sorry S Plan
It’s about $95 and depends on the region


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Last I checked Mazda had the same RV for 24/10k so it doesn’t save you any money.

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BTW, have you checked the Marketplace or Signed! to see if closer to $500/mo (I assume + inception fees) is realistic? Maybe extending your search out of state (my understanding is that WA dealers are not known for discounting cars much).

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