Deal check - 2024 KIA Sportage PHEV X-Line Prestige - CA-Norcal (95120) / 36/12K

Hello Hackrs,

Just received the following deal from a local dealer for a 2024 KIA Sportage PHEV X-Line Prestige. I’m located in NorCal. Zip code: 95120.

Lease: 36 months/12K miles/yr.
MF: 0.00263
Residual: 65%
Rebates: $5,760
SpartanRecoveryLync (???): $999.00
Fees: $1,422.75
Taxes (9.375%): $434.77
DMV Fees: $647.00 (License fee: $304 + Registration: $343)

Looking for zero down + Can pay DAS.

Lease Deal - 2024 KIA Sportage PHEV X-Line Prestige.pdf (104.1 KB)

Im WAY lower than this, give me a call 3104053507

Sent you a text to your cell phone.

I don’t know the ideal payment for this trim of the Sportage, but it definitely isn’t gonna be found at Dublin Kia.


It absolutely doesn’t include SpartanRecoveryLyncGhostRetrieval for $999.

I don’t even know what does that mean.

Around here they are called “blessings” - pointless (or negative value) dealer add-one that increase what you have to pay.

FYI I got a wayyyy better deal than this on a 2023 Kia Sorento PHEV (top trim) granted it wasn’t in your area, it is a more expensive car and bigger than the Sportage. 2023 Kia Sorento PHEV - $51,540 MSRP - $419 / month - $569 DAS - 36m /12k

That is a great deal but 23s are all gone in CA, even 24s are very scarce

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