Deal Check 2024 Kia Niro EV Wave

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Using the calculator and comparing to other calculator deals this deal looks just OK. I plan to hammer the dealer on additional MSRP discounts. Definitely running into issues with remote dealers refusing to talk to me until I “make an appointment and come in” which doesn’t really work for me.


Also, curious about all the advice on here to explore Cap Rate reductions by doing One-Pay. Isn’t the advice to NOT put any money down in case the car is wrecked/stolen as you’ll lose your deposit? Isn’t One Pay a bigger version of that problem? I.e. I pay for the 3 year lease up front, get t-boned and totalled and lose my entire One Pay payment??

If you asked for a deal check, circle back after you have signed a deal – the community always loves to hear back! Submit your deal to SIGNED! (