Deal Check - 2024 BMW X3 M40i


Hi All- looking for some extra eyes on a lease quote I just received for a 2024 BMW X3 m40i.

MSRP - $66,865 (shadow line package, premium package with parking assist)
Dealer discount -$5k
Adjusted price - $61,865

Trade Allowance - $8k (2017 VW Jetta with 81k miles in great condition). My current outstanding balance on the loan is $11k

Final Balance (including taxes and fees plus the 3k difference of trade in vs remaining loan balance ) - $66,524.72

The lease quote I received is as follows:

36 month at 10k miles per year:

-$1,119/month with $2,500 down
-$1,087/month with $3,500 down
-$962/month with $7,500 down

I’m pretty sure I can negotiate another 500-1k on trade in but won’t go down that road until I feel like the above is a fair deal.

I’m located in Pennsylvania, about 30 min outside Philadelphia.

If buy-rate money factor push for closer to 6k off MSRP and that is fair.

I can beat this on some X3M40i’s we have in stock, but 66.8k is definitely not fully spec’d.

Yep you’re right, I looked at the spec sheet and not everything is included. I should have been more specific.

It’s the shadow line/premium package with parking assist + trailer hitch

If July programs are similar to June, then certain comparable cars such as the Audi SQ5 and Genesis GV70 are significantly less expensive to lease. And the GV70 will probably be better equipped at that lower price.

And if an X3 is the only car you’ll consider driving then buy it. Makes no sense to spend ~$40k (or even 30k) to rent an asset that’s selling for 61,xxx plus tax.

Did you get quotes for you Jetta from other places?

I wouldn’t pay $1,100 for an X3 but if you like it a lot go for it.


Yeah, it’s like 500 more a month for the engine alone. We had the regular X3 and that engine was pretty peppy and got great mileage.

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I don’t see the sense in paying 7-10k more for the engine for a mid-tier sport SUV now that electric cars are more accessible (you’re getting dusted off the line by entry level EVs these days, if speed/acceleration are your concern), but that’s just me.

However, I’m in the market for an X3 as well and unfortunately the specs for the 30i are too basic for my liking, and it seems there are far fewer M-Sport options if you go the 30 vs the 40 route.

As for the deal itself, seems like many brokers on here can offer you a stronger deal. If its a specific spec you want, you could be SOL (as I find myself right now)