Deal Check: 2024 BMW M240i xDrive - IN

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I haven’t receive deatiled information, but for acquazation/delaer fee i know is 945&235. Going to inquiry more about any government fee

Multiple security deposits would decrease the MF and they get returned at the end of the lease (assuming the car isn’t trashed)

Max MSD is applied and new grad incentive, which lower the payment from $799 initially to $745

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Is MF at buy rate? Dealers can mark it up a bit

Buy rate appears to be 190. Like Max said there just isn’t a ‘good’ lease available for this car (most cars) with its low RV low incentives etc. Maybe shoot for about 8% off MSRP before incentives as that is near invoice but with limited supply dealers don’t really need to do that.

Yeah… I asked around seems like 5.25-6% is majority discount based on MSRP that I can get.
In this kind of situation leasing is not ideal deal.

I am wondering if at the end I decide to buy out the lease, is the difference just the 0.5% apr difference I paid for interest plus any fees?

With the MSD, new MF would be 0.00168 Base MF is 0.0021

That’s still pricey for a 2 series, IMO.

You need to do a TCO study over the 3 year period to compare lease vs buy. Yeah 190 is the 23 model base rate.

Yeah… effective monthly payment is about $820/year, paying more than 50% in 3 years, which as Max stated before low incentive, low residual value