Deal Check: 2024 BMW i4 M50 first time lease

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So this is what I offered them yesterday based on our discussion here:

Got the following ridiculous response and “updated” quote:
“Attached is the updated quote including the $7,500 BMW lease credit as well as the $1,000 loyalty rebate. You will also see that this vehicle is $500 under invoice.”


I mean… They didn’t get anywhere close to your discount target and I bet the MF is still jacked. It’s not a great deal. There are some offers on Swapalease better than this. @Ashleigh or @IAC can you work with OP in UT?


We are currently in discussion with OP. :slightly_smiling_face:

I can ship there, but I’m pretty sure @IAC has a dealership out there/near there, so I’ll let him have the first stab at it since he’s already reached out to OP.

Who cares if they mark up the money factor?

If they hit your monthly/das target, it is only in your favor if the mf is marked up.