Deal Check: 2023 MB EQE350 4Matic - $818/mo

Not too many data points on this one.

NJ so no tax

Make: MB
Model: 2023 EQE350 4Matic
Msrp: $89,265
Selling: $80,338.50 (10% off)
Incentive: $7500 EV, $1750 PenFed
MF: .00212 (buy rate)
Term: 24/10k

Total DAS: $3100 (drive offs)

Monthly: $818

Reached out online essentially asking if there is any EQE in their inventory they would be interested in moving at at least 10% off pre incentive and responded with this VIN and 10% off without any haggling. Went to look at it today and sales guy was dumbfounded at deal I had negotiated already.

Have deposit on it right now, still need to think it over and they gave me few days…

I am on the fence still for 2 reasons.

  1. Would be carrying this, a 2020 M340i, 08 Rav4 until June when the M340i goes back and am worried insurance is going to be just absolutely insane

  2. M340i to EQE350 - it’s a lot of money for 300 HP

What we feelin?

I would def check insurance first…but I am also insurance sensitive being in FL.

And…is an EQS in the running for the same or lower price?

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I’ve searched long and hard for a dealer willing to play ball on one on the east coast / Midwest…not a damn one willing to play ball.

EQS deals are certainly better due to inventory but EQE might be the next hack next quarter and the EQB as well.