Deal Check 2023 MB EQB 250+


Is this a good deal or should I run away as fast as possible?

Phoenix, AZ

Mercedes Benz EQB 250+

MSRP = 58,030
Dealer discount = -5000
EV Rebate = -7,500
Adjusted Price = 45,530

Doc fee = 699
Tax = 746.09
Non tax fees = 2,005.91

Price =48,981

DOS = 7,291 (includes 1st month)
Monthly = 559

36 months lease

Residual = 28,435

Thanks for the help. New to lease, usually buy but wanted to get the $7500 EV rebate for non-US car

$7000 due and 559? Ask for more.

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do you have fleet? we are doing 15% off on eqbs before fleet and rebate.


Can do Amex or sams but it is not included in above post. Please let me the deal you guys are offering.

Or even this EQB

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Thanks for linking our thread. Yes our dealer can ship the vehicle to you. Or you can your own shipping. Amex / fleet / sams club needed

This is the correct link

Try to see if you can get 14-15% off. May be possible in AZ with aged inventory. Some dealers are willing to push more than others.

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Agree - I was able to get my MIL a $66k MSRP 300 4MATIC 36/10 for $540/month with $1,300 DAS.

Awesome! That is more along the lines of a deal we were looking for. Did you get this from an AZ dealer?

No - this is was in TX

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