Deal Check: 2023 Jeep GC 4XE Base

MSRP: 64,150
Sale Price: 57,995
Rebates: $12,500 + $1,000 private offer
MF: .00297 (Pretty sure they are marking this up or using financing outside CCAP)
Residual: 67%
Payment: $605 (including tax 9.5% in Los Angeles)

What do you think? Should i make a big deal on the money factor (which so far they have not budged on) or go for it? When I plug this all into the lease calculator the payments calculate much less than what he is quoting me. Is that a giant red flag?

Pretty sure they are marking it up

Can you post your calculator?

This is probably an SFS lease which means no 1st party buyouts and marked up dealer buyouts, so be awar what yoire getting in to.


Here it is but again I don’t know why it’s so off. But at the end of the day, I’m semi-happy with the payment so if I am good with that, does any of this matter? (Aside from knowing I won’t be able to buy out at end of lease?)

Thank you!

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post your deal sheet, blur out any personal info


They’re being evasive and won’t send me a lease deal sheet - he keeps sending me one meant for purchasing… :roll_eyes: he gave me the ole “comeon in we’ll work it all out…” which I absolutely hate.

I feel like I can get the payment lower if I can get them to switch to CCAP financing…

this Huntington Beach ? :clown_face:

just tell them you want CCAP and mention the MF if he says no find another dealer…

Incentives are taxed, which is part of your number problem, but your sales price in your offer and the calc dont match.

Definitely need to find out what bank this is through as the rv is too high for sfs for a 24/10

What incentives do you qualify? $12500 should include the tdm, not be in addition

I wasn’t going to call out their error on too many rebates :smiley:

Between the incentives being wrong, the rv being wrong, and them refusing to share a lease breakdown, i would fully expect them to change the numbers if you go in.

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Run! Far away from any dealer that’s evasive and wants you to come in down.

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1.- Great discount with a selling price of 57k (although your calc shows 59k). From now on, anchor them on that, and clarify it is a PRE INCENTIVES discount (dealership discount).
2.- your incentives should be only 12,500 including TDM (Private offer).
3.- Verify term: needs to be 24 months and 10k miles (this yields the lowest payment)
4.- Ask them to switch to CCAP, they are probably trying to use Ally Bank.
5.- CCAP RV: 65%, MF: 0.00189

This should bring you to $494 a month with tax and only first month DAS.

99% of dealerships won’t agree to such low prices on the phone. It’s in your interest to show up and guide them through the negotiation. Get there just 2 hours before they close =)

Also, some dealerships in LA have doc fee of only $85. It should never be above $999

Tax 8.82%

Tell them that’s what CCAP gives and that if they want to go with Ally they should figure out themselves how to get that payment.

Take pictures of all the numbers they give you.

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California dealer doc fees are capped at $85

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I closed the deal at $566 per month (which included $350 windshield protection - I usually don’t pay for that stuff - is it a total rip? Cuts about $15 off the monthly price and I can cancel anytime if I want. It turns out they were marking up CCAP but I’m ok with the payment I ended up with and $0 out of pocket. I tried to negotiate on the rate and they wouldn’t budge at all. I have been price shopping this car for awhile and have contacted every Jeep dealership in LA, OC and SD and this is by far the lowest payment I have been able to work. And frankly I’m over it and my lease is up next week. Thanks for all the feedback and help!


$566 with $0 DAS is not a bad deal at all for CA.

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Congrats on the new ride! Based on what I’ve seen on a ‘23 that is a solid deal. Only lower monthly have been deals that included additional cash or trade. Post your deal as signed and enjoy the new car smell!


Thanks! I’ll have to figure out how to do that. I’ve tried plugging into the calculator and cannot get the numbers to work.

What are your thoughts on the $350 for the windshield protection? The guy said windshields cost $2500 with all the tech in them. I guess that could be true??

At that point a $700 app fee got waived which dropped my payment so I figured I was well below what I was expecting to pay, so a few bucks for the windshield was worthwhile?

I have full glass coverage on my car insurance…costs like an additional $10 a year. It may be dealer way to get to their bottom line…so if you try to get out of they may just raise the price 350.

Good call - I’m going to ask about that

He said I could cancel any time - it was an add on as I was signing docs - unrelated to original deal

How many windshields have you replaced at your own expense over your entire lifetime?