Deal Check 2023 ID.4 Pro S Plus AWD CT loc VA tax


(ETA - understand there is stop sale, but able to wait)
calculator shows $480/mo 36 mos 12k residual 48% MF 0.338. I also included $3240 for the three protections under dealer fees (rolled in) for wear/tear, tire, lease end (not sure need lease end…) which is $90/month.

leasehacker calculator

I’m waiting to hear back on the following terms:
36 months/ 12,000 miles **incl. VW lease end/tire/term protection
$400/mo for 36 months incl. VA sales tax
$2033 due, less deposit (fees, 1st mo.)
lease buyout $27,750
trade-in value of ~$2,000
charger & mats included

You should be able to get as much or more of a discount on a 2024. Autocompanion was advertising 12% discounts a month or so ago.

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There are much better EV deals in the Marketplace makes no sense to overpay for one of the less desirable products in a crowded space.

That’s crazy TBH. Did you cause this much damage on your last car? And why would you want to prepay for the right … to drive on bald tires until the end? Just replace tires when needed. See for yourself what they cost on

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I didn’t check your inputs, but using the calculator link you provided, this

is pushing $600.


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Yes. I am hard on cars. I did some research on this, and found some indications that for those hard on cars etc that the overall value was beneficial. Thanks for noting about the tires, perhaps on that one, I can eliminate. We use NTB currently and like the comprehensive service. Thank you!

Thanks so much, I was unaware of this site!

Excess wear is not being hard, my man. That’s just carelessness.

If or When something happens, fix it. Don’t drive it with a battered “brand new” car for X years just because you prepaid for the right to return a damaged car.