Deal Check: 2023 Hyundai Elantra SEL

Hey guys, would love to hear thoughts on this

Can I go lower on the cap cost? (This is Colorado 80027 btw)

sure you can go lower, but only if the Seller is willing to give you a discount off of MSRP.
I didn’t check your MF to see if it was marked up or not.

I’d buy it instead of lease but that’s just me

Does that 1250 apply to a purchase too?

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@lmazzei local CO broker here. I doubt you’ll find a lower selling price. It looks like they’re selling it at MSRP; they don’t have a doc fee so they’re much less likely to discount the car due to the small difference in invoice vs. MSRP plus there’s just not many available. I think they may be increasing the mf cause I just ran the same lease at MSRP + $699 doc fee and I’m only about $5 higher.

What’s the total due at signing? I know your screenshot shows a breakdown but I’m not familiar with the “capitalized cost increase” line.

In no world would I pay that amount of money to lease that car.

Do you have to have an Elantra?

If you do, then buy it and own it for 6-8 years.

Otherwise get a better lease. Like an Altima or something for 18 months.

Thanks for all the replies guys.

I don’t necessarily need an Elantra, I just need something that can drive for the cheapest possible price

What car would you guys recommend to lease instead?

I could get you a Kia Forte LXS for about $363 all-in (with Louisville tax) / month on a 36/10 lease. That’s been the cheapest lease I’ve been able to offer for a while.

I don’t know how much luck you’ll have getting a local Nissan dealer to discount an Altima to get an 18month lease payment lower than what you shared on the Elantra.

There are better ‘value’ leases out there but if payment amount is the pure focus, I don’t have anything else to recommend off the top of my head. The few solid manufacturer programs out there are on more expensive vehicles and local credit union rates are high right now offsetting their higher residuals.