Deal Check: 2023 EQS 580 SUV Loaner | $137k msrp | $487/mo + tax | 24/7500

Can you afford the extra $1-3k over the course of this lease if it came down to it?

If so, just get there and close close close haha. Your effective monthly is lower than most Tesla model 3 leases… We are all waiting to congratulate you now!


signed, payment is actually less than this…


You and kief can compete in the unicorn of the year award, congrats on this…well done :white_check_mark:

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ty! his is def better. also wanting a taycan myself.

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I doubt anyone can come close to a deal of.his magnitude but hey, you never know.

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That’s because it’s fake

Then why go thru a big write up and make all that noise and why not call it out on his thread ? Genuinely curious