Deal Check - 2023 EQE350X4 Loaner

Is this a good loaner deal

Car has high mileage 9000+
It has Driver Assistance package, Exclusive Trim, AMG line Exterior Package and 10 Degree Rear Axie Steering

Leasehackr Calculator

You can do much better on the discount, especially if it has fleet baked in. Someone got 23% pre-incentives with a third of the miles on an EQE

Not a good deal for loaner at that mileage, however mb incentive is also not as good as march, most of the dealer who wants to get rid of their 2023 eq, most likely did get rid of them on march n april.

It doesn’t have fleet baked in. I’ll apply for an Amex card though.

Make sure they’re willing to put amex fleet prior to dealer discount.

Sorry i’m completely a newbiew. What do you mean by this?

As you have admitted, Amex fleet $5k is still not included in that deal. However, the dealer may have different take, they may already baked in dealer cash $4k in that dealer discount.

I’m sure as she asked me whether i have an Amex card. I said no. Then later today, i let my wife applied an Amex Gold card and it got approved.

MB have dealer cash $4k. They also have $5k Amex fleet for 2023 EQE. These two incentives don’t stack. As I said, the dealer may have already baked in $4k dealer cash on that dealer discount.

Here’s your LH Calc with Amex fleet FIXED

Email that number and see what they say. Personally I will try to do 21-23% discount before incentive, especially at that high mileage loaner.

I see. Your link has exact my number. Maybe wrong link?

Oops sorry, I fix the link.

Congrats on the new card, but if you had Sam’s Club or PenFed it would’ve done the same. The card is great though, so keep it! :joy:

Got you! Thank you!

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I got one for $250/mo with $1500 DAS.
Under 2k miles
$5k less msrp.

Make of that what you will.

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this is insane. Half price of a tesla model y. But congrats!

Wow!! Any more of those deals left?

Not that I know of.

Area you picked up from? Self negotiated?

Prefer not to say dealer name, yes self negotiated. Dealt directly with sales manager via email. Flew in, signed, drove it home.


you would have ~23% off pre incentives…nice work