Deal check 2023 eqe 350x4 loaner

Hey guys,
Trying to figure out if I’m missing something. I will attach my calculator and the dealer sheet I can’t get the numbers to match up.

Acquisition fee is $795 they’re marking it up by $200 off the bat.

Here’s the LH Calc closer to the dealer number.

It’s miraculous they’re not charging $1095, like every other dealer in the country.

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Discount off msrp is pretty good.
Incentive number is right. They’re marking the MF way then hell up.
Or you’re in Texas.
One of the two.

If not in TX this should be about a $500 lease with $2k drive off 24/10.

In Mass. I figured it was high. Looking at your deal the numbers are not that far off. Just a higher MSRP but still a pretty good discount. I keep coming up with just under 500 the way I run it.

Yep $500ish is what you should get. Throw in some MSDs and you can get it well under.

Doesn’t Mass have some state EV incentives as well?

2023 eqe loaners with 13.8% pre-incentives is good?
I see those eqs are with 20%+ and i’m guessing eqe should be similar?

Where do you get 13.8%?
It’s a 18.5k discount from 87.5k that’s 21%.

mb i was fooled by OP and @9benua 's calculator link.

OP why you put 81k in calculator’s MSRP…

edit: i came up with this calc numbers: CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

you should be at 581/mo with 1st month DAS. does this mean the dealer mark up MF?

ps: RV is 55% so it’s a eqe 500 sedan? I see suv is 2% better on RV…

When I posted it the correct numbers were in there not sure. It’s a sedan. He must be marking up money factor because discount and incentives are right but I keep coming up with 500/month.

MSRP requirement is $55,000 or less.

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