Deal check: 2023 custom ordered BMW X3 M40i

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I have custom built a 2023 X3 M40i with MSRP of $69000.

I would like to lease it and here is the term the dealer has given me:

MSRP: $69,000
Terms: 3 yr/36,000 miles
Residual: 55%
Money Factor: 0.00225
Cap Red: $2700
Down payment: $5000
Aquisition fee: $925
Additional fee: $711
Monthly payment: $1120

What do you guys think? Based on what I have been reading online, my monthly fee should be lower right? I also feel that the money factor is quite high.

I put all this in the leasehackr calculator and got a score of 5.1 year or so.

I really want this car. What’s the best way to go about negotiating the final price or the lease terms?


Any discount? It doesn’t look like it.

What’s your timeline for this?

You’re paying ~45k to rent a 69k car for 3 years. Just buy it or find a broker who isn’t going to sell you an order at MSRP.


You can get a x3m for that kind of money.

no discount offered. It will arrive in about 4 weeks. I haven’t been forced to sign or pay anything yet so I can walk away if needed.

I would have gotten the X3 M but it needed to be family friendly :slight_smile:

No. No you cant.

Those are more rare than M3’s right now.

use a broker maybe? reach out to @IAC

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For Financing:

They are quoting an APR of 5.59% with 5K down to be paid off over 36 months. Dealer fee of 690$.
Monthly payment of $2100

you can use outside financing and probably cut down a percent or two on the interest rate

What do you think about the deal I have posted?

Is that possible for leasing? I thought only if you buy a vehicle.

yeah I was only referring to financing.

Gotcha. That makes sense.

I thought I’ve seen more than one broker offering payments closer to $1000. On order I assume, I was only referencing the payment/out of pocket.

We could do better, we’re just in an order bank situation at the moment so will need some extra lead time.

What kind of time frame do you think? Could you get a lease payment under 1000$ for similar terms listed for this build?

You should look for a broker. You’re literally giving away money by paying 45k to lease a not even real M BMW. If it was an X3 M then that’s different but that’s an insanely high payment for a X3 40i

In general it’s pretty terrible to lease a bmw right now. You can get better financing and you don’t need to pay it off in 3 years which is obviously going to make the payments gigantic

Not worth it, id walk. x3 is pending a refresh, and no discount

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