Deal Check- 2023 BMW M240i- TN


Would like to get opinions on this… Dealer sent this to me…

MF is .00225

36 mo Lease/10K Miles
$53,195 MSRP
$2000 Upfronts
$500 Rebate
$357.29 TN Tax
$575.50 Fee
$931.87 Monthly Payment

Moved this to the right section. As far as the deal goes, a few questions:

  1. What is the discount off MSRP?
  2. Do you qualify for any incentives? If yes, can you list them?
  3. Have you confirmed what base MF is on the Edmunds Forum?
  4. What does the $2k in upfronts include?

On the surface, the deal looks awful.


240’s not an easy allocation so list is within bounds however I’d ask for buy rate or 2% off to cover the rate (Which we would do)

Available in the country:

$35000+ to drive a $53k car for 3 years doesn’t sound too good. Think you’re better off buying if this is the car you want.


The car sounds great
Till u see this basic explanation

This car is leasing like a 80/90k car

I agree… I remember leasing a M340 three years ago for $575. I know rates/times have changed but man…

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I don’t think there’s any discount on the msrp. Only a $500 rebate. I don’t think I qualify for loyalty because I sold my other BMW lease more than 6 months ago?

2k includes first month and drive offs.


:point_up_2::point_up_2: I can’t disagree with that.

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:point_up:t4:the right answer.


Def buy it instead

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