Deal Check: 2023 Audi A5 45 Premium Plus WA| 36/10, $56k MSRP, $596+tax/mo, $737/effective


Quoted from Oregon dealer but for wa.
2023 A5 45 premium plus, package: black optic
Lease term 36/10k
MSRP: 56815, dealer discount: 4000 (7%), asked for 9% got rejected
Incentives: 1500+2500+1000(customer appreciation rejected 9% but added this),
Adjusted price+tax and fees= 49800
Residual:55%, mf 0.00175,
3000 DAS 590+tax/month. (numbers a bit off in the calculator)

I know this is higher than most broker prices on the forum but those prices will be higher after adding the broker fee and shipping costs.
May I know if it’s a good deal?


Looks solid based on the calculator. Not sure if you are targeting a specific color/options.

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Is the A5 the only car you’d be willing to drive for the next 3 ish years?

Do you ask because that determines if I need 10k miles on the lease?

Thank you!
Black optics package preferred. Colors don’t matter except blue

Black optics in my opinion makes the car. Have it on my S5. If you like the build the extra 1-2-% in discount is really up to you.

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If that’s a solid “yes” then finance it.

Paying $700+ effective is a hard pass IMO and it only makes “sense” if you’re willing to pay a massive premium for the right to chuck the keys back in 3 years and run away.

There are cars that are solid lease hacks and then there are cars you have to have. Seldom do the twain meet.